Resist Cuff in White


Image of Resist Cuff in White

Surplus Electrical Components || Stainless Steel Wire

These are flexible enough for some adjusting, but rigid enough to keep their shape well. Fits 6"-7" wrist.

I cannot RESIST the millions of color combinations in all these resistors, transistors and diodes. Also, anyone who knows how to count the stripes on them cannot resist telling me how many ohms a bracelet can resist. I don’t know about that, but I am often counting them as they are wound one by one on to stainless steel wire, or snipped and looped to be attached together.

Care Instructions:
wash with a mild dish soap and blow dry. Shine up the wire by lightly using a Brillo pad or steel wool. Do not use anything abrasive on the resistors.



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Image of Resist Cuff in White Image of Resist Cuff in White