Roundtrip Hoop Earrings


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Simple. Lightweight. Stainless Steel hoops with rubber tubing recovered from my favorite San Francisco recycling center. Surgical Steel Ear wires.

• 40mm
• 50mm
• 60mm

Surplus Stainless Steel Wire || Reclaimed Rubber

Life is chaotic and fast moving. This collection is designed to be lightweight, versatile and durable, with simple lines and classic styling. Made from strong and easy to care for surplus/end of spool stainless steel wire and salvaged rubber tubing. Beach? Night out? Staying in? Wear it anywhere.

Care Instructions:
Wash with a mild dish soap. Air dry, Periodically treat rubber with a light coat of fragrance-free oil, such as a cooking oil, or shea butter. This will keep the rubber supple and black.


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Image of Roundtrip Hoop Earrings Image of Roundtrip Hoop Earrings