Tracks5 || Upcycled Bike Chain Earrings

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Image of Tracks5 || Upcycled Bike Chain Earrings

• Upcycled Bike Chain
• Stainless Steel Wire
• 2" drop earrings, surgical steel earwires

CYCLED Collection
(wired) has developed relationships with several Chicago area bike shops to save used bike chains as they are replaced with shiny new chains.

This labor intensive collection requires breaking each section of chain into its six original components (2 plates, 2 bushings, 2 pins), a multi-step, eco-freindly cleaning and polishing process, then finally assembling these components into many different designs. Please note: bike chain links will vary in appearance and color depending on the brand of chain.

Care Instructions: Your jewelry is made from upcycled bike chain that was once on a bike. The best way to keep it from tarnishing is to keep it dry. It will arrive cleaned and polished with a thin layer of protection, but the easiest way to keep it in good condition is to rub a very light layer of shea butter or cooking oil. Depending on the chain and the personal products you use, it may turn darker or tarnish, but it is easy to polish it with a brillo pad, steel wool or a wire brush.


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